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For Co May, the raw material area and farming process play an extremely important role in creating clean and quality rice products. Co May accompanies farmers to create a separate material area that meets input quality standards by applying modern farming models, especially the model of rotating rice and shrimp in the coastal provinces by the Mekong River.


Our farmers are carefully selected and trained towards the practice of eco-friendly farming techniques. From chemical-free soil to a natural farming model. We check the quality of the soil, the model of rice cultivation combined with aquatic products. The material areas are carefully selected to have the best climate and water source for the growth of rice.


With the motto "Selling rice and selling the whole plant", Co May makes good use of raw materials and indigenous resources into the company's production and processing activities to bring value to farmers and society.


Production process

Co May Gao is proud to be the first brand in Vietnam with rice and shrimp products that meet USDA organic standards of the US Department of Agriculture. Co May Rice uses raw materials that meet international standards such as Japan Organic, EU Organic, HACCP.

Modern Technology

In early 2020, Co May invested in a cold storage silo system with modern cold storage technology GRANIFRIGOR from Europe. With this system, Co May becomes the first high-tech rice factory with a high-tech cold storage system to preserve fresh rice after drying to meet quality standards with the ability to store up to 6000 tons of rice.


In addition, Co May also invests in new equipment in the system of drying, milling rice and processing finished rice such as: automatic rice return system, drying dust extraction system, stone separation equipment cluster, Japanese technology color separation, ...

Especially the equipment cluster for sealing vacuum bags and vacuum canning can inject nitrogen gas to form a closed production process that meets quality standards and ensures absolute hygiene and safety.

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