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Organic Brown Rice


Packing: Vacuum PA bag (standard 1kg x 25 bags); nitrogen pump cans (standard 1kg x 10 cans).

Product features: Long rice grain, characteristic red-brown color, sweet rice, soft and supple.

Ingredient: St24 rice.

Material areas: Coastal provinces of the Mekong Delta.

Cultivation process: Organic Brown Brown Rice is a specialized rice product produced from the famous ST rice variety in a closed, clean organic process from cultivation to harvesting, processing, preservation and processing. packaging of Co May's finished products. Organic Brown Rice is the type of rice that retains the bran of the rice grain, so it inherits the natural reddish brown. This is the original rice product with much higher nutritional value than white rice and ensures absolute safety for consumers.

Processing and preservation process: After harvesting, the raw rice is brought to Co May factory with drying - milling system and then stored in OBIAL cold storage silo system with modern technology from Europe. to preserve the freshness of the rice and prolong the quality cycle. Through a production process in a strict closed line, organic rice grains with the most original quality and nutritional value are selected to become USDA and JAS certified Organic Brown Rice.

Packaging process: Finished rice is packed into PA bags with vacuum shaped or applied vacuum technology and injecting nitrogen into cans, so the rice grains are preserved nutrients and aroma for a long time. and at the same time gain sensory value.

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