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Huyền Ngọc Black Brown Rice


Packing: Nitrogen gas pump box (standard 1kg x 10 boxes).

Product features: Long rice grain, characteristic black color, sweet rice, soft and supple

Huyen Ngoc Black Brown Rice is from a non-GMO rice variety that retains its natural brown brown bran. This is a rice product with all "natural wholeness" with high nutritional value and absolute safety for consumers.

Huyen Ngoc Black Brown Rice purifies the body: Rich in Protein, Potassium and Anthocyanin antioxidants. It is a nutritious brown rice that helps to repel many diseases.

Ingredients: ST24 rice variety.

Material areas: The coastal provinces of the Mekong Delta.

Cultivation and packaging process: Black Brown Rice Huyen Ngoc is a specialized rice product from a non-GMO rice variety, with a specialized cultivation process. After harvesting, raw rice is brought to Co May factory with drying - milling system and then stored in OBIAL cold storage silo system with modern technology from Europe to preserve the freshness of rice and The quality cycle is extended.

Certification: Huyen Ngoc black brown rice is certified by EU FOOD SAFETY STANDARDS (NON GMO), Food Safety and Hygiene.

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