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Long Chau Shrimp Rice

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Packing: Standard vacuum sealed PA bag 1kg x 25 bags; 2.5kg x 10 bags; 5kg x 5 bags.

Rice features: Long grain, fragrant rice, sweet rice, soft and supple rice.

Composition: St25 rice variety.

Material areas: Coastal provinces of the Mekong Delta.

Cultivation process: Long Chau rice 66 Shrimp rice is cultivated on ecological shrimp farming land with rice-shrimp rotation, only one crop a year. Do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, so it is absolutely safe and useful for users' health.

Processing and preservation process: After harvesting, the raw rice is brought to Co May factory with drying - milling system and then stored in OBIAL cold storage silo system with modern technology from Europe. to preserve the freshness of the rice and prolong the quality cycle. Through the process of whitening, polishing and granulating in a strictly closed chain, the best quality rice grains are selected to become Long Chau 66 Lua Shrimp rice.

Packaging process: Finished rice is packed into a vacuum-sealed PA bag, which helps the rice grain to preserve nutrients and aroma for a longer time, and at the same time achieve sensory value.

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