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Rice Understanding the Heart


Understanding the Heart Rice is a special rice product of Co May that accompanies the "Understanding the Heart" fund to contribute to the charitable journey to power the future, comprehensively sponsoring health, nutrition, and education for children. poor children in Vietnam, helping children in remote areas to go to school.

Packing: Standard vacuum bag with 5kg x 5 bags.

Product features: fragrant rice, sweet rice, not blooming much but still soft and supple.

Ingredients: Rice varieties ST21

Material areas: The coastal provinces of the Mekong Delta.

Cultivation, processing and preservation process: Rice Understanding the heart is a type of rice cultivated on the raw material area of Co May in the coastal provinces of the fertile alluvial Mekong Delta. Co May uses organic fertilizers in a closed process and modern technology to care for and nurture rice plants to grow well. After harvesting, raw rice will be taken to Co May factory to process and produce quality rice grains, then put through the process of packaging finished products to send to customers.

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